1. We will call you the day before your appointment to confirm and to discuss our office procedures. We must speak to you in person the day before your appointment. Please return our call or your appointment will be rescheduled.

a. You will be asked questions about your child’s and your current health
status. If anything changes, please call our office immediately.

b. Only the patient and 1 parent will be permitted in the office.

c. The parent and patient must wear a mask. Children under the age of 2
should not wear masks.

2. Once you are in the parking lot, please call us to let us know you have arrived. We will call you to let you know when we are ready for you.

3. When we are ready for you, prior to exiting your car, please put on your masks.

4. Please proceed to the bathrooms to wash your hands and your child’s hands prior to entering our suite. The bathroom doors will be open. Do NOT close the bathroom doors at any time.

5. After you have washed your hands, please wait outside the door to our suite to have yours and your child’s temperatures taken before entering.

6. Proceed with your child under your control directly to the audiologist’s office. Do NOT touch anything in the waiting room or hallway. Do NOT allow your child to touch anything in the waiting room or hallway.

7. If payment will be collected, you will be directed to place the money or credit card in a designated basket.

8. You and your child will be shown to specific seats in the office. If needed, please help your child into the designated seat. You and your child must remain in your designated seats for the duration of the appointment.

9. When your appointment is finished, proceed with your child under your control directly to the exit. If you have further questions, please call once you are in your car.


We go to great lengths to have fun and interesting activities for our patients. However, the need to sanitize all surfaces has required us to change the activities we can offer.

First, you will not be waiting in the waiting room so NO toys or magazines will be available there.

In our offices, our typical toys will NOT be available. We will offer some individual toys such as crayons, coloring books, and play dough during programming sessions. Your child may take these home after your appointment.

You may also bring your own toys and food to a session. We ask that you use common sense in choosing the toys and food you bring.

We ask that you NOT bring tablets or cells phones to entertain children under the age of 5. We have found it to be very difficult to transition them from screen time to listening time.