Support Project TalK

It is a shocking reality that many children do not have health care which covers the cost of services related to hearing loss. Even the best health plans often exclude audiological and hearing aid services. Almost all of our families pay a significant part of the cost of audiological testing hearing aids, cochlear implant MAPping services, and auditory therapy. For many families, this translates into thousands of dollars per year.

The generous donations of our supporters allow us to provide financial assistance to families so that they may obtain the services and equipment their children need to listen and talk. Furthermore, these donations allow us to offer comprehensive evaluation services to families who do not have access to adequate services in their area.

Monetary donations are used to fund Project TALK's scholarship program which provides financial assistance for audiological, hearing aid, and cochlear implant services. Donations of hearing aids and cochlear implant supplies allow us to provide loaner equipment to children. The generous support of our donors helps to ensure no child goes without hearing.